Even one person companies need a quality management system

    • when interacting with lot's of other one person companies or freelancers
    • when expanding
    • when needing a certificate for customers
    • when interacting with a lot of customers
    • when needing time for more innovation

          Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

All the reasons valid for a one person company are even more valid for SMEs. Today, most of the 'components' of an SME are scattered around the world, SMEs serve customers worldwide. Having a structure, having a formal quality management system give numerous advantages for the SME and customers.

               Large and investment companies

All reasons valid for a one person company and SMEs are valid for a large or an investment company: activities are even more divided, more spread globally. Knowledge must be shared among more co-workers, processes are subdivided among more divisions, communication and quality flows must be without any additional effort.