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'You are a white raven' is an expression deeply anchored in several languages.

It means: 'It is truly rare'.

Someone writing technical documentation must be very empathic and an engineer and cannot be lost in details and must be efficient and effective and learn real quickly and work fast and obtain insights very fast and handle all types of cultures and worth trust and be flexible and learn new tools and be passionate and result driven.

Someone introducing knowledge management based quality management systems must be all of the above and think in processes and know which knowledge must be made explicit and which knowledge and skills must be shared among humans directly and drive excellence in change management and be an outstanding project manager.

Someone designing and implementing knowledge strategies, e.g. introducing quality management systems must be all of the above and have insight in how knowledge works and handle executive management and be even more result driven.

On top of that we have the decades of experience of previous projects.
We have proven experience in introducing quality management systems for several standards, in several types of organizations.

And on top of that we value ethical entrepreneurship and the well being of all involved in projects.

And that is why we, white ravens, are the best choice for you.